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Do they need to make a move?

Posted by Sup on February 14, 2010

The rumor is out that the Bobcats and Boston Celtics are talking trade, with the primary targets being Glen Davis and D.J. Augustin. The Celtics would get a promising though struggling young point guard, while the Bobcats would get a backup power forward, something they have needed all season long.

I would be happy with this, although there is a lot of finagling to be done to make this happen (Davis is a base compensation year player, and that status makes things…messy). There are more interesting thoughts, though perhaps not more realistic options. I’ve heard of desires for Carlos Boozer, for Andrei Kirelenko. Rufus on Fire has a handy list of potential Bobcat fours.

The question does remain: do they need to make this move?

There is the possibility of the team standing pat. That would leave them with a decent team, still short on depth at the 4, and a whole lot of minutes being logged by Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace. The up and down performances of Boris Diaw would continue to be vexing, and the issues that Augustin’s regression will still be a problem. If the team wants to make that push to the playoffs, they will need to make a move. The one thing that can really dampen that? The impending sale of the team.

New ownership seems to be on the horizon in the form of former Rockets majority owner George Postolous. Will the new owners bring up the need to keep the salaries where they are until the deal goes through in 60 days? Or will there be a real commitment from management to do what is necessary to get a playoff appearance nailed down? The Bobcats have had pretty good success with their recent trades. Even one that was considered a dud last year has this year borne fruit in the form of Nazr Mohammed’s revival effort. Well, the whole Tyson Chandler thing…but again, that was not made for basketball reasons.

It is my hope they do try to make a move to shore up the front line. In the long term, this is not a championship contender, and it won’t likely be one for the duration of Wallace’s career here unless a miracle occurs. But this team needs to win to try and turn around the fan base. And a deep run into the second round of the playoffs would do wonders in that direction. Let’s get some help up front and try to make that run.


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