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The Case for Jack in the All-Star Game

Posted by Sup on January 27, 2010

It is a bit of a reach, yeah. But Tim Legler in the ESPN Daily Dime from today thinks it should be so:

(Stephen) Jackson is listed on the ballot as a West guard, and he may be a surprise pick. He is an obvious choice to me. His 20 points per game have given the Bobcats the scoring punch and toughness they needed to become a complete team. Charlotte is 18-15 since his arrival and they are making waves in the East as a legitimate playoff team.


There is no doubt in my mind that Jackson is making a huge difference on this team. He is the only legitimate 20 point per night threat. He defends either the #1 or #2 wing player all the time. The Bobcats were shooting 39% from the field before he arrived. Since then, 46.6%. That’s no typo. The scoring went from 82.2 to 97.7 points per game. This is a direct reflection of the offensive threat he provides, not necessarily his own shooting, as he is only shooting 42% himself. He has changed the attitude of the team (remember “I make love to pressure?”), not too dissimilar from how Kevin Garnett changed the atmosphere in Boston.

Still, I have my doubts. He certainly shouldn’t be there over Dwyane Wade. Probably not Rajon Rondo either. AI isn’t going to give up his spot. So Jax or….Ray Allen? Joe Johnson? Johnson clearly should get the nod. It would be hard for me to see the coaches adding Jackson to any All-Star reserve squad, if for no other reason than the way and the reason he was shipped out of Golden State. He showed up one of the fraternity, and not in a very pretty way.

There is one good thing about this, though. Two Charlotte Bobcats players are on big media members’ minds when it comes to talking about the All Star team. One is almost certain to get on, the other has a very very slim chance. But it’s nice to be talked about, isn’t it?


3 Responses to “The Case for Jack in the All-Star Game”

  1. Vilehawk said

    You make a good case. I’ll admit I’ve never been much of a fan, and the phrases “All Star” & “Stephen Jackson” do not naturally occur together in my brain, but the numbers he puts up are legit. More legit even, is the impact he has had on his team; playing both ends of the floor, versatile on each end, making a real and quantifiable difference for his squad. Ray Allen has quite the veteran pedigree, but if I had to pick one of the two based on their performance This year – it would be Jackson all the way.

    That said, I must confess I think it’s about as likely as winged lesser primates spontaneously emerging from my tender nether regions …

    • gwiii said

      Jackson is never going to the All-Star Game on a coaches vote. Never. It’s something he probably deserves at this point, for this season. But if you have Joe Johnson and Stephen Jackson to choose from, coaches will go with Joe Johnson every time.

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