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Maybe a little Suns will help

Posted by Sup on January 26, 2010

Three losses in a row, game two of a brutal six game Western road swing coming up, and two starters are still dinged up. What can the Bobcats look to for a little help?

That would be the Phoenix Suns playing defense. Or what approximates defense.

Since the banishment of Shaquille O’Neal and the return to the run ‘n gun, the Suns have put up some impressive offensive number. Steve Nash is in the middle of what could be another career season. Amar’e Stoudamire has made the All-Star team again. Old friend Jared Dudley is way up in the rankings for 3 point shooting, and Channing Frye has discovered he has great range.

They also have given up some eye popping losses and defensive numbers. Teams average 107.8 points per game against them. No one on the team averages even 1 steal a game. The interior defense is paper soft, wafer thin.

This is what the Bobcats have to look forward to: a team that, if they can take it out of it’s rhythm, will allow easy drives to the basket, won’t turn back shots, and won’t pressure the ballhandlers on the perimeter. After the last few games, the ‘Cats could use a break.

Charlotte Bobcats (21-22) Phoenix Suns (26-20)
PG – Raymond Felton PG – Steve Nash
SG – Stephen Jackson SG – Jason Richardson
SF – Gerald Wallace SF – Grant Hill
PF – Boris Diaw PF – Amar’e Stoudamire
C – Nazr Mohammed C – Robin Lopez

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