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Back into the fray

Posted by Sup on January 20, 2010

“Well hello, let’s start back again on the same plane, on the same pane” – Soul II Soul, “Fairplay”

It has been a long time.

I used to blog about the Charlotte Bobcats for the website at a spot known as Bobcats Bonfire. I had a lot of fun, working on stories, talking about my adopted home team. But life intervened: things happened on the homefront that made it impossible to continue. And late last year, the lights went out at MVN.

I never stopped watching or caring about what happens with the Bobcats. I was writing about them until the end of November last season when there was still some hope for a playoff run, but there was an air of “eh” around the team. Raja Bell and Boris Diaw’s arrivals had not yet energized the franchise and Gerald Wallace hadn’t suffered his annual miss-10-to-15-games injury.

But this is clearly a new year, and a very different team. Wallace has exploded on the NBA scene…finally. Stephen Jackson has transformed a dead in the water offense to one that can compete with anyone. Raymond Felton has transformed into a competent NBA point guard (which will cause problems when the time to decide whether to sign him or let him go for nothing arrives).  The defense has become at times downright fearsome. And Tyson Chandler…um. Nevermind.

Larry Brown is doing what Larry Brown does: turn teams around and make them playoff contenders. This is what he is getting paid for, and he is delivering. The question remains, as it has through the entire existence of the Bobcats franchise: will the city and region of Charlotte care at all?

I will keep talking about the team’s play, its future, and the city around it as we go along. Hopefully this blog will grow out of this lovely WordPress basic layout to something more interesting. And my writing will progress with the opportunity to put pen to paper as it were. Here’s hoping. It’s good to be back.


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